Monday, August 26, 2013

AMT Imperial Walker Wreck WIP - Part I

With Jersey Fest Model Kit and Statue Fair being only three weeks away, I felt compelled to have something finished to take with me to enter. I don't normally participate in contests, for a variety of reasons that I won't go into here, but oddly enough I thought it would be a good idea to have an entry this time. So, I'm going with my gut, as they say.
Also, it gives me the perfect excuse to finish up this AT-AT that has been sitting on my shelf, half way between finished model and a decent idea for a diorama. I had received the AMT AT-AT Walker kit a long time ago as a present for one of those special occasions that usually comes once a year and has to do either with my age, or perhaps the birth of Christ...I can't remember which one at the moment.

Either way, I had the brilliant idea to model it, not as a Star Wars vehicle we are all familiar with, but as a World War II what-if! Original, right?? So, first I painted it in a tri-color German camo scheme but finally opted for the all-over Russian armor green. I put a red star or two on it, and plastered one of those inspirational slogans on the side of it that only a Russian could understand. Didn't matter, looked cool.

However, for this project it is back to the roots. I removed the decals and will give it a repaint to represent something from Empire Strikes Back. I also want to model it wrecked. So, I chopped the legs off...

This I did for several reasons. I didn't want to model the Walker in a scene from the actual movie which meant on its side or tipped forward was out of the question. Secondly, it gives it a nice wrecked appearance. It brings the AT-AT down to size, and it will look like a dead animal once I've submerged it into the snow.

I must admit though, I'm not sure how much damage I want to represent. I'm torn between leaving it the way it is now, with minimal surface damage, or really tearing it up and blowing out panels. There is a fine balance between creativity and fear of ruining everything...
You'll soon find out what I do. As soon as I figure it out...
Thanks for reading!

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