"Welcome to Hell" Weekend WIP - Episode I

As you know, I really enjoy making little vignettes using jar lids for bases. I love their simplicity and it gives me a chance to focus a lot of attention onto one tiny scene. It helps blow off some steam during a long primary WIP, like "The Hunt", but most of all, its fun.

In this case, I'm basing a little vignette on the picture above. What you see there is a, I believe, Chechen tank  sitting in the street of a burned out city center. Just so happens that I had a 1/144 scale T-55 sitting around that I didn't particularly know what to do with. Initially I had planned to use it in another Star Wars diorama featuring a larger AT-AT but changed my mind and thought it'd make the perfect main character for another jar lid vignette.

I broke out the foam core board and found another suitable peanut butter jar lid and got to work...

I cut a silhouette of the building out of foam core, removing areas that would have been windows and doors, and used matt board to represent floors, one of which has collapsed upon the other...

The rubble is crushed dry wall...

There is the little tank...

Just needs some more rubbish thrown about and paint, maybe a little bit more detail on the building and Its good to go. I'm not giving this a vignette a specific location or point in time as it could quite honestly represent many different conflicts, including Chechnya, Bosnia, and others. The title "Welcome to Hell", however, was inspired by writing seen on a wall in Sarajevo, but again, its a phrase that could go with any wartime scene.
Don't know when I'll finish it, but its pretty quick and painless so it may be sooner than later.
Thanks for reading!


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