"Welcome to Hell" - Finished!

Well, that didn't take long. In just about two days of work, this little vignette is complete. Its really simple. There were no fancy techniques or fun tips for me to share really. It was just a cool way to blow off steam and find a way to display a 1/144 scale T-55.
When I last left off, the base structure had been completed and needed paint and final touches. This was all accomplished last night, so here it is from start to finish...

I started by painting a black strip along what is intended to be a road.

Around the edges of the road I painted dark brown which I lightened in several layers to create a mud and dirt effect...

Sand mixed with brown oil paint creates some rubble piles in the streets...

Test shot with the tank in place. The fingers give a nice sense of scale, eh?...

Now for the building. Layeres of gray were sprayed and lightened in the same manner as the brown dirt...

A thin coat of tan was sprayed over the gray to vary the color slightly...

The tank was then repainted, giving it some color modulation. The details were picked out with some dry brushing...


Simple and fun. Didn't take much time or resources and it looks really nice on my shelf! Hope you enjoyed this little build.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Looks great and all on top of what looks like a coffee lid...well done.

    1. Thanks! Its actually a peanut butter jar lid. Quite handy for this sort of thing.

  2. Very cool ground work and the T-55 looks excellent, too.


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