Monday, July 29, 2013

The Union Dues: Your First Model

Last week's task for the Union was to write about the first model they ever built on their own. For the first ever Sprue Cutters Union assignment, the response was pretty satisfying and it was interesting to read some fellow modelers' first experiences with the hobby. In case you missed them, here are the contributed articles. Give them a read!

Doogs' Models
Yet Another Plastic Modeller
Kermit's Workbench
Eternal Wargamer
The DogChuffers Scale Model Workshop
Martin's Scale Models
The Combat Workshop

Six blog (and one Facebook) responses, not too shabby!
There was even great participation via the comments section on both The Combat Workshop's Facebook page and this blog, as a lot of people shared memories of their early modeling lives. Read some of the comments here.
The next topic will be posted shortly.

For all members, to help grow our respective audiences, don't forget to add the links from your fellow contributors onto your post.
If you want to join the Union, all you need is a blog and a passion for the hobby! Spread the word! Join the Union!

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