Sunday, July 7, 2013

"The Hunt" WIP - Episode IV

This episode begins with some good news - the base work is finally finished! Always nice when one aspect of a build reaches completion. All that is left is to complete Wedge's alien adversary and this diorama will be done.
There is a little bad news, however, and that is that I will be busy for the next two weeks with work (no, real work, not model work) which will seriously cut into my activities. So, even though I'm nearly done, it may yet take a while to finish. I'll get updates posted when I can, but otherwise, remain calm and work on your own models...

So, I poured the second layer of Realistic Water and added some acrylic gel medium to create some texture to imply a slight current. After the medium dries, I dry brushed it in hopes it appeared as white caps on fast moving water. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't...I haven't decided yet.

Looks okay for my first attempt at this sort of thing. You never know unless you try right?
Well, that concludes this episode, and I genuinely hope to at least get this finished by the end of this week. In the mean time, check out my blog roll or my links page for other great sites to follow while I'm so inactive.
Thanks for reading!

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