Monday, July 1, 2013

"The Hunt" WIP - Episode II

This WIP is moving a little slow, but given the amount of ground work I've decided to create, I suppose its excusable. Over this past weekend I got some bench time in to finish all the terrain details except for the addition of the water which will have to come after Wedge Antilles is finished and set in place on the base. So, here is where the setting. I hope it looks fairly overgrown and natural to you...

This is all pretty much airbrushed. The grass and plants were airbrushed green followed by another coat lightened with yellow. The dirt and rocks received the same treatment. In my opinion, nothing replicates a large rock better than oak bark. A little dry brushing and it plays the part nicely...

I added some moss to certain areas, like the rocks and the fallen tree. I did this using some airy packing foam and followed the tutorial on Massive Voodoo for recreating moss...

Pretty effective, I'd say.
So that completes the look for now. Next up will be the Rebel pilot, followed by the water effects. Shouldn't take too long so I hope not to keep you waiting...assuming you're actually enjoying this.
Thanks for reading!

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