Introducing the Sprue Cutters Union!

Welcome to the Sprue Cutters Union! I have been blogging for some time now and have been following the works of other bloggers and social media pages for an equal amount of time. I am constantly impressed by the quality and quantity of work that can be found online. So much so that I decided to create an avenue by which fellow modelers convene to share their work, thoughts, and musings about the hobby thereby generating traffic for themselves and blogger counterparts. This idea was not without its inspiration, however.
If you've been following my blog long enough, then you'll know that on occasion I have been known to participate in the League of Extraordinary Bloggers run by Brian from Cool and Collected. That site is dedicated to fans and collectors of pop culture items like toys and other bits of nostalgia. I decided to apply the same concept to my blog only with a focus on scale modeling, but I'll pretty much be following the same format just for the sake of simplicity. Plus, it works, I've seen it.

So what is it exactly? Technically its called a "blog carnival". A blog carnival is a way to collect links pointing to different blog articles cover the same particular topic. Essentially, it is a place where bloggers can share their works with other like-minded individuals - in this case, scale modelers.

How does this work? This, of course, only works with a little organization and a lot of enthusiastic participation. The organization is simple.
Once a month, preferably sometime within the first week, I will name a topic specific to the hobby (on most occasions but I don't see why we can't venture away every now and then). For example, if I say the subject is the Me-109G than any blogger who wants to participate can write an article to fit the subject - in this case, Me-109G's. Aside from the article having to meet the specified topic, the blogger is then required to have the article posted on their site by the end of the same month. Once that is accomplished, just post the link in the comments section of that month's topic.
I will make a post containing all of that month's entries with links to all the blogs that participated. Then, of course, the next topic will be announced and the cycle will continue.

I did mention this is only as good as the enthusiastic participation. This means YOU! I require that all contributing blogs include links to all, or at least three, of the other participating sites. To make things simple, you can take the list of links that will be posted by The Combat Workshop after the month's assignment is complete, or take the links from the comment section from that month's topic. This will generate traffic for every one which is why a lot of participation is nice. After all, isn't the point of having a blog to have people actually read it?

End Game
At the end of the day every one benefits. It should increase traffic to your site and will hopefully add some new readers to your following. But remember, this should be fun! I look forward to see how a lot of different modelers respond to the same subject.

So what do you say? Are you in? All it takes is a passion for modeling and a blog to write about it. Feel free to save the logo above and use it in your post or upload it to your blog.
Spread the word.
Join the Union!

The fun begins Monday!

Members so far:
34 and counting!

A Scale Canadian
Bill Weckel
Bounty Jumper
Build the World With Me
David Knight's Weblog
Digital Sprue
Doogs' Models
Fill 'n Sand
Greg's Models
Jay's Scale Model Adventures
Kermit's Workbench
Lt. Smash's Models
Martin's Bench Corner
Martin's Scale Models
MattBlackGod's World
Migrant's Wanderings
Miniature and Model Painting
Motorsport Modeller
Ninetalis Scale Models
Plastic Models
Scale Modeling My Way
Scale Model Ink
Scale Model Soup
Scale Model Workbench
Shutterace's Blog
Tarasdad's Adventures in Scale Modeling
The Classic Kit Junkie
The Combat Workshop
The Eternal Wargamer
The Museum Modeler
The Scale Workshop
Uncle Damian's Garage and Hangar
Yet Another Plastic Modeller


  1. Jon, I'd like to join if I could please :)

    1. Absolutely! Glad to have you! Just wait for this week's topic to be posted and then answer away!

  2. Hello jon!

    I`ve been following this extrordinary idea, and i`ll like also to be a part of it!
    Is that possible?

    Best regards!

    José Pedro

    1. Hi Pedro! If you have a blog you're more than join!

  3. Hi Jon i have posted my experiences for all to read...

  4. Awesome Shayne, I saw your post! Welcome to the Union! Look forward to reading more

  5. Hey Jon, love the idea!

    I would like to join too if possible.

    Kind regards, Sven.

    1. Outstanding! Do you have a blog? That's all you need to join. Every Monday the topic is posted and just have your blog response in by Sunday and you're good to go!
      Be glad to have you, Sven!

    2. Cool, here's the link to my blog :

      Kind regards, Sven.

  6. Splendid Idea. I've just rejuvinated my modeling blog, and will enjoy participating.

    1. Great! Welcome to the Union! Look forward to more of your posts!

  7. I've joined..anything else I need to do?


    1. Ah, welcome! Glad to have you! All that is required is that you copy the links of at least 3 of the other participating blogs for that week in your post some where. This way, when some one reads your post, they can link to a similar response on another blog and so on. Thus, generating readership for everyone involved!
      When we write responses to the question, we just post the link in the comment section of the original topic so that all the bloggers can grab them.
      Make sense?

    2. got it.. Done.


  8. Hiya Jon,

    Hope your week away from the bench didn't cause you to go too nutty. With the missus away for the weekend I felt like I finally had some real time to get my 'glue on'.

    Happy to say Sprue Cutters Union #17 has been posted>>

    Cheers _pL

  9. Hiya Jon,

    A bit earlier this time around - Post #18 Inspiration is up>>



    1. Hey great post, but make sure that you copy the link to your response in that week's topic post so that the other bloggers can pick it up.

  10. Long-time reader, first-time poster:

  11. Hi Jon,
    I'd really like to join but I don't get to post too terribly often. Is that a problem?


    Pat Brown

    1. Not a problem at all. Frequent participation is not a requirement. The Union is really meant to benefit you through additional traffic, so obviously the more you post the better but its not necessary. Welcome, and the first topic of the new year will be up today

  12. Hiya Jon,

    Happy 2015 and great to see Sprue Cutters Union back!

    Here is my January post>>


  13. howdy...i thought i commented here, but apparently i didn't hit the right button. i'd like to join...can i participate via my youtube channel?

    1. thanks for answering on facebook and letting me join up. youtube channel is:

      when do my tee shirt, member's card, and wall certificate arrive? ;)

  14. I would like to join. I love the concept and its a great way to motivate myself to write more.

    Chaos Magic -


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