Monday, July 29, 2013

"Call the Ball" Weekend WIP

If you've been following me enough you'll know that often times the weekend tends to distract me from my main project. Though I already stated I will be working on a PT Boat full time now that I've finished "The Hunt", I got a little side tracked on Saturday by a little F-14 I had sitting in my stash. Sometimes you need a quick pick-me-up build to get you amped for the next big kit. At least I do any way.

So, off of the shelf I grabbed the 1/144 F-14 Tomcat from LS and put it together in only about two hours. One of the most fantastically easy builds in the history of my modeling experience, the hardest part was ensuring the cogs that swept the wings back and forth lined up so that the action was correct. I messed this up once as a matter of fact, but otherwise, it was picture perfect. The fit couldn't have been better.

Detail is scarce, but come on, its nearly the length of my index finger. Never the less, I added two fuel tanks under the fuselage because I felt it needed something there. The kit only comes with four AIM-7 Sparrows so I wanted to bulk the model up a bit. It seemed to help though I don't know how accurate they appear. But whatever, I'll do what I want! They are made out of 1/72 Mk 84s I believe. I just removed the tail section and stuck 'em on...

As you can see, the tail hook is down and so are the landing gear. In my typical fashion, I've taken inspiration from the photo above and have titled this build "Call the Ball" in reference to the multi-colored optical landing system that aids a pilot during carrier landings to ensure he is on the correct approach. As if you couldn't guess, the base will be made out of a jar lid again.

In case you were wondering exactly how big a 1/144 scale F-14 is, I've sat it next to a 1/72 Yak III for comparison. Pretty tiny to say the least.

Now the cat just waits to be painted, but you'll just have to wait until next weekend for that because I'm on to bigger things this week with the PT Boat. Stay tuned for an introduction to that project.
Thanks for reading!

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