Revell 1/48 B-25J - Finished!

It only took me about five years but finally, the Mitchell has reached completion. Until now, this model was the longest standing unfinished project on my shelf, so it feels good to finish it up, and will feel especially good to return it to my father who has been exceedingly patient!
Lets take a look at it...

The decals went on without much trouble. I was worried there would be excessive silvering but the gloss coat prior to setting them and then the dull coat afterwords really blended them into the finish without a problem. The chipping was done with a small pointed brush and Tamiya aluminum for a more direct application. Then the more random chips were applied with a piece of sponge dipped in the same aluminum paint...

Here you can see the step ladder provided by Revell to keep the kit from tail dragging should you neglect to weight the nose...

The underside was left relatively simple. Shielded from the sun, it wouldn't fade much. Plus, sitting on a shelf, and for the size of the model, it won't be handled a great deal meaning the underside won't be seen that often...

And there you have it. The first completed father/son build at the Combat Workshop. It is, by no means perfect, as the blemishes are never readily visible in photographs, but I'm really happy with the finish, and I believe my father will enjoy it as well.
Thanks for following along!


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