Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Star Wars Special Forces - Finished!

After the last update there really wasn't much left to do. Tonight I finished off this fun project with several details. A couple of washes and a little dry brushes added some weathering to the operator's uniform and gave him a bit grittier appearance, or at the very least, a bit dirtier. The ground was touched up and dry brushed to really bring out the texture. After about an hours worth of work, it was finished and time to take pictures.

The gun got a repaint in flat black and was highlighted with some graphite to give it a metalic sheen...

Given the setting, I had to take the obligatory outdoors photo or two...

And finally, some indoor pics for the completed look...

I hope you all have enjoyed this at least a little. I think the commando has come a long way, looking more the part than he did when we first started. Though his cool factor doesn't surpass Boba Fett, he does appear to be worthy of being pulled out of obscurity and anonymity.
Thanks for following along!
Happy modeling.

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