Star Wars Special Forces - Episode III

Our little Rebel operator is nearing completion. Last night I finished all of his necessary additions and accessories that make him look more like a respectable warrior than the rag-tag peasant militia man as shown in the movie.
I replaced the molle straps with several sets of rather large pockets. As we all know, special operators have large pockets to hold all of their cool gadgetry, and ammo. Although I couldn't tell you what kind of cool gadgets a Star Wars commando would utilize in combat considering you never actually see them use anything aside from a rather loud blaster rifle, I just know they need pockets. Hence, pockets...

Now he has a place to carry his laser designator to ensure accurate and deadly air strikes by Rebel Alliance air support. Yeah. Maybe walkie-talkie, or GPS as well. I've seen enough pictures of special operators to know that operating specially behind enemy lines seems to require a lot of kneeling. If you're going to be laying suppressing fire, than you're going to want to do it comfortably. Hence, knee pad...

The knee pads got some straps made out of masking tap that isn't pictured here, but you get the idea. Of course, a special operator needs to stay hydrated...a detail sorely omitted from Star Wars. Hence, CamelBak...

Weird, it looks better in person than on camera. Oh well. I might have overstated this in my last post but clearly, special operators need sunglasses. It emphasizes the cool factor...

And of course, the only thing that surpasses the sunglasses in the cool department is an extremely large, manly beard. He will be needing this in order to successfully blend in with the local population on Endor...

This was done by layering on oil paint and pulling the brush away to give it some texture, like unkempt facial hair. You can also get a good look at the CamelBak and drinking straw.

There you have it. Aside from this, I filled the joints with more milliput so the seams aren't visible to give him a more realistic appearance. He just needs paint and he'll be ready for battle. I hope you're liking him so far.
Thanks for reading!

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