Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Latest Addition - Academy 1/48 B-25G "Shark Mouth"

Several months ago, Model Rectifier Corporation ran an online contest requiring those who entered to send them photos of a recent kit they had completed, as long as it was manufactured by Italeri, MiniArt, Academy, or Accurate Miniatures. Seeing as how I had just completed Academy's 1/72 F-16CG/CJ, the timing could not have been better. I sent in the photos and wound up winning the contest.
The prize happened to be this very kit - the B-25G "Shark Mouth" in 1/48 from Academy - and yesterday afternoon it arrived in the mail.

I love it when packages arrive in the mail, especially when they contain model kits. To be perfectly honest, aside from the F-16CG/CJ, this will be the nicest kit I have ever built. It is also the most expensive one, retailing at around $74.00 so a big thank you to MRC to giving me this opportunity!
With that said, it has given me perfect fodder for The Combat Workshop's first in-box review which will be posted sometime this week. Then, of course, that will be followed by a build review sometime in the future, all depending on what I have lined up to get completed.

The way I see it, its going to be a busy spring! Busy modeling. Can't complain.
Thanks for reading, and watch this space for the upcoming review!

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