Thursday, May 2, 2013

I Surrender!

That's it. I surrender. Sometimes you just need to know when it is best to throw in the towel. Sculpting a dog was one thing, and in fact it was easier than I thought but perhaps that gave me a false sense of confidence which lead me down a long path toward sculpting my own human figure. By this far into the journey I've realized I had bitten off more than I could chew. Like Hitler's army invading the Soviet Union, or Napoleon's forces before him, I've become bogged down in a struggle that is depleting my resources and will power. I was eager to try something new, but so far it is proving beyond my skill set!

It isn't rewarding to realize you've probably wasted a good amount of days that would have been better used on other things. But I would rather cut my loses at this point and move on. Though my attempt was heroic, I just didn't understand the scope of the problem. Creating hands, and legs, and arms is more difficult than I have the patience for at this point, and trying to run a steady blog isn't easy when you're mired in Milliput all night.
It is my firm belief that all the elements of the final product should be of equal quality, and I felt as though the sculpted figure would only bring down the finished scene. I don't want one poorly sculpted figure representing my work. Therefore, I am moving on. The figure will not be included in the diorama, and finishing it may have to be an offline side project.

As disappointed as you may be, take heart, I am not ashamed of the effort and I learned quite a bit. I'm willing to try anything, and I got a pretty decent looking canine out of this sculpting side-show I've been on for the past week or so. Never the less, as the old gambler says, you gotta know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em. In this case, I dealt myself a poor hand and must walk away. But now I can focus on starting the ground work and getting this project back on track!

So with that, I'm laying down my sculpting tools and returning to society as a positively contributing modeler. Enough of this over-achieving nonsense! I know when I'm beaten, and this is it...

Carry on!


  1. It litterally cost you an arm and a leg there... Still a very good effort. Can't win em all

  2. Yeah, I'm not terribly unhappy. Its more of a lesson learned than anything else. I would rather have made the effort than have not tried at all, as they say. Thanks for chiming in!