Friday, April 26, 2013

The Confident Modeler

Some people are naturally blessed with a great deal of confidence, while others can sometimes struggle with it. When paired with talent, confidence can take a person any where they want to go. In following the hobby as closely as I do, there is a tremendous amount of talented modelers out there with seemingly no limitation to what they can accomplish. It can be pretty intimidating to see what others can make when at times I struggle with even the basics - a visible seam, a silvered decal, an uneven paint job.

Though I have been modeling for quite some time, my confidence had never been terribly high. Up to this point I was content with the bare minimum, staying comfortable in my box, putting out some cookie-cutter models. I was too afraid of ruining the model with some botched experiment. As you know, I hadn't even attempted the hairspray technique until last week! But that's the thing, since starting this blog, I've realized that good practice and taking risks is the only way to hone your talents and build your confidence.

Like an athlete on a scoring streak, modeling builds confidence with each successfully finished project. With each new attempted technique, one gains valuable insight into what they themselves are capable of, and what needs to be improved upon. Several years ago, I would not have attempted to scratch build my own palm trees, or sculpt a dog for that matter. Now, I feel like I'll try anything at least once, to the best of my ability.
The benefit of seeing so much talent on the internet is knowing that anything is possible. Yes, I may not produce the same quality of workmanship as other modelers, but its the attempt that counts. I'm reminded of an old saying my father used to tell me...Throw enough mud at the wall, eventually it will stick. You don't need to expect the same results, but you have to start some where.

It wasn't long ago, as young modelers, we were struck with the notion to go out on a limb and fill those pesky seams, or sand annoying ejector pin marks. Those were the first baby steps to get where we are now. That same resolution to achieve excellence in as close a manner as we can get should still be true no matter what skill level we are.
So, with that, I challenge you to try something new! Get out of your comfort zone for a bit. It doesn't have to be a new technique, even just building a subject outside your normal interests can be quite enjoyable.
But most of all, don't hold yourself back with doubt.
You are what you think you are!

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