Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Martin's Scale Models

The internet has made this hobby more accessible to more people and provides so many resources for modelers to learn new techniques, review the latest kit, or simply share their works with others. The internet has opened my eyes to the depth of this hobby, and how far reaching it truly is.
I love sharing works, and you can see that if you follow the Combat Workshop on Facebook or Twitter. Today, I'd like to share a page with you that I hope you will find just as helpful and entertaining as I do.

Martin's Scale Models is authored by, who else, Martin, who enjoys modeling military motorcycles, and World War I aircraft, among other things. I have become good friends with him through social media as we share a common interest and goal. He also writes reviews and moderates for Large Scale Modeller and Scale Plastic and Rail. Along with his outstanding work, he shares the builds of other modelers and has inspired me to create a Guest Post section here as well.

Martin has been kind enough to support my endeavors so I am happy to return the favor! I really encourage you to check out his blog, which you can find here [Martin's Scale Models], and stop by his Facebook page [www.Facebook.com/martinsscalemodels] and hit that little Like button!

Help us further the hobby and join in on the fun!

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