Monday, April 29, 2013

Gone to the Dogs - Episode II

I was going to use the weekend to finish the Yak III mini project but that got derailed by some shoddy, old decals. So, I decided to carry on where I left off and finish sculpting the dog for my eventual rusty Chevy pickup vignette.
There wasn't much to add except legs, paws, and some other small details.

I built up his lower jaw as I thought it was a bit slack from the previous photographs. He needed to look a big tougher, so his mouth is slightly open perhaps ready to bark. I'm hoping he looks as though something has drawn his attention.
What might that be?
Well, I've completely gone off the deep end and decided to try my hand at sculpting a human figure. This time, a young boy...

This was my third attempt at a human head. The previous two appeared to be too old. I realized I needed to round out the face and give him a softer jawline to give him a younger appearance. He is a bit chubby looking but that also lends a little to his youth, I hope. He may need a bit more hair but I haven't decided yet.

So, what I've got here is a project that started as a simple vignette displaying an old forgotten vehicle has now turned into something quite larger and more complex than I had imagined. I've now sculpted a dog, something I've never done, and am attempting an entire human child. If it turns out right, I'll be pretty pleased. Either way, this goes along with my last post about going out on a limb and trying new things. Keep your fingers crossed, and see you next time!
Thanks for reading!

Episode I


  1. I admire the gung ho just do it approach! Love the dog especially! Can't wait to see how it adds to the story

    1. Thanks Kermit! I'm quite pleased with the dog. But people are difficult, I'm finding out. It'll really come down to the last minute on whether or not I'll include a person in the final scene.