Friday, April 26, 2013

Gone to the Dogs - Episode I

With Revell's 1941 Chevy Pickup complete, it is time to work on an appropriate base to set it on. A wreck like that needs context, in my opinion. But I didn't just want to plop it onto some ground work with a bunch of weeds, tall grass, a tree and call it good. No, amid all the lifelessness I wanted to put a character in there, something alive that will draw the eye around the scene.
I had every intention of purchasing a small plastic dog from the local toy store, giving it a repaint and gluing it into place. I'm not much of a sculptor, so that seemed like the best approach. My wife, however, disagreed. With toy dog in hand, I was ready to make my purchase when she stopped me and said it isn't like you to just buy something and throw it on there. Touche. This is a proverbial dagger to the heart of any artist. The gauntlet was thrown down...
And the challenge was accepted.

I'm either really stupid, or have some new found confidence, but last night I set out to sculpt a dog, entirely from scratch.
I've done some sculpting, but the bare minimum, never a complete character. Never the less, I thought it shouldn't be too hard, thinking back to all those years in elementary school molding Play-Doh into various animal shapes...
So, with Milliput in hand, the adventure begins.

Well, not too bad. He needs a little refinement, and of course, his two front legs but otherwise I'm fairly pleased with how its turning out. When last night's session was all said and done, two and a half hours had passed. At one point, I squashed his head in frustration and started over. I just hope it looks decent enough when I'm finished with it.
Hopefully I'll get the front legs on this evening and call it good.
Thanks for reading!

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