Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ashes to Ashes, Rust to Rust - Episode XIII

So today I reveal exactly how well all the elements of last night's rusty weathering session went. Let me begin by saying I'm quite pleased, however, there is still work to be done.
When we last left off, the salt and hairspray and liquid mask were set and it was waiting on the main color over coat. In this case, blue.
This is how she looks, all masked up, with the paint complete...

After that, I just scraped off the salt to expose the brown rusty color underneath...

Lookin' okay.
Then, I just peeled up the outer edges of the liquid mask. This was the first time I tried this technique and I must say I love it and will use it more often in the future should the occasion arise...

Then some hefty dry brushing of lighter shades over the entire body brings out the raised detail, like the dried oil paints, and also gives it a nice faded appearance...

At this point, I can't be more pleased. For not really knowing what I was doing going into this, its shaping up pretty nicely.
One thing of'll notice I mentioned nothing of the hairspray. This is a technique I'll have to continue trying. I didn't like it hear and only attempted to remove a little bit of it before I decided it was becoming more work than was necessary. The salt seemed to give me results that were just as convincing so I left it at that.

So, with episode XIII in the books, the next session will be all the little touch ups necessary to complete this model. Time to apply washes, pigments, and filters to blend the look. I hope you're enjoying this!
Thanks for reading!

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  1. FANTASTIC......looking awesome mate, you must be over the moon. All those techniques have worked brilliantly together, congratulations ;-)

    1. Thanks Martin! Yeah, I'm pretty happy with it, and glad it seems to be working out in my favor.