Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ashes to Ashes, Rust to Rust - Episode XII

So, this is the most complex weathering I have ever attempted. I am incorporating several different tricks to chip, peal, and otherwise get under the skin of this Chevy pickup. It also marks the first time I have attempted the renowned hairspray method. I'm a bit nervous how it will turn out in the end.
Last night, I pulled out all the stops and gathered a lot of resources to hopefully give me the look I'm after when its all said and done. Looking at most overly rusty, weathered vehicles you should see that it wears and tears in different manners, meaning that not one method is the be-all, end-all of rusty replication.

So, I will share with you how I am attempting to give this truck a rusty appearance. If it works, then we can both be happy. Time will tell.
First, a little salt is necessary. I'll preface this by saying that last night I realized I've been modeling for quite some time when the wife doesn't ask me why I need to know where she stores the salt. It made me laugh a little, especially when I followed that up with "and where is your hairspray" which was also met with no resistance.
Any how, with a little water spread on certain areas, I just sprinkle the salt over the top of it so it sticks in place...

Salt weathering is one of my personal favorites. Its a great mask for what I'm doing here, and it also discolors the paints slightly to give it more depth.
After the salt was applied, I decanted some Herbal Essences hairspray into a little container and brush painted, yes brush painted, it into the areas I wanted. Why brush paint? Because I needed accurate placement as I'm using several different methods here. I don't know how each medium will respond if mixed, so brush painting was the best way to go. We'll see what happens tonight...
Then I used burnt umber artist oil paint and stippled it in certain areas. When it dries it will have a slightly raised, distressed appearance that I hope will create the look of cracked paint. You can see it along the edges of the cab here...

I have a feeling that is gonna look good.
Lastly, using Magic Masker by Walthers, I dabbed this liquid mask again into specific areas. Once this dries, I'll be able to peel it back. By not removing it completely, it will give me the illusion of peeling paint. First time attempted, but I think it'll work nicely...

And there you have it. My key for rusty success...I hope any way. Tonight the top coat will go on and I'll begin removing some of these elements, and the moment of truth will be revealed. After that, other weathering techniques will be used to blend it all together, like filters, washes, pigments, etc.
Hope you're as excited as I am to see how this one finishes!
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Looking good Jon, cant wait to see how this works out, im as excited to see what happens next as anyone ;-)

    1. Thanks bud, your comments are always welcome! This is really one of those builds where I have no idea how its going to look in the end. Had one of those lately?

  2. It is just exactly how one evolves as a modeler and getting better, to just dive into the deep end and going for it. Watching very closely indeed...

  3. In fact, i think ill try out a first salt chipping with an el cheapo airfix hurricane im about to start. I will for sure remember your page when it comes to that!