Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ashes to Ashes, Rust to Rust - Episode XI

After the events that occurred in Boston, I found it very difficult to gain motivation to sit down and model. What had been a good day for me, considering I had received some good news several hours before, and that I had just won an Academy B-25 in an online giveaway, and that the Flyers had defeated the Canadiens 7-3, was over shadowed by a terrible tragedy. Being a runner, as well as having three kids, that sort of event really brings everything into perspective. At least for a little while. My thoughts and prayers are with those in Boston, and truly around the world, who might have been affected by this...

Finding a bit of enthusiasm, I brought out the airbrush and threw a little paint at the Chevy. First, I used a technique called Three Layer Blend that I picked up from skilled modeler and fellow blogger, Matt, over at Doogs' Models. Beginning with the first coat of Tamiya Black...

Then highlighted the larger areas with white...

Then used a thin coat of rust color to blend it all together...

The effect really brings out the shadows and highlights. Then the wheels, door and hood got the same treatment...

It isn't complete, obviously, I still have the top coat of blue and more texturing to do. Slow and steady wins the race in this case. I'm planning out each phase of this so as to make sure I don't do something I'll regret.
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Now that is one awesome technique applied brilliantly Jon. Looking amazing and will look splendid showing through under that topcoat of blue when it goes down.
    Taking shape really well, looking forward to more.


  2. Well executed! What's next? Hairspray? Been fiddling with it the past few days and it really helps doing whitewashes or rusted surfaces...

  3. Thanks guys! Kermit, I'm probably going to use several different techniques. Some hair spray, yes, mostly salt, and then a special one that I hope you'll like! Thanks again for the comments!