Friday, April 12, 2013

Ashes to Ashes, Rust to Rust - Episode X

We've reached double digits for this build, and soon its time to paint. But first, I did a little scratch building last night. If you remember back in February, I wrote a short article about procuring some tongue depressors from the doctor's office for future use. Well, they've come in handy already.
The kit includes some fence like railing for the truck bed that you can see in the title photo above. The instructions only call for these to be installed on the custom version, but I say poo-poo on that. I do what I want! Besides, it gives it a nice utilitarian look that will fit nicely with my beat up truck.
However, the parts included in the kit for this railing are inadequate because the ejector pin markings are so blatant that filling them in and sanding them would ruin the wood grain surface detail. So I decided to make my own. This is where the tongue depressors come in...

All it took was cutting a few sections into the appropriate length and gluing them into place. I then poked some holes in the planks to replicate nails or screws...

And compared to the kit part, you can see that the real wood looks a bit beefier but also looks a bit more homemade, which I like for this project...

And finally, installed into place for a very nice look, in my opinion!

So, now primary construction is complete I believe. Next will be the tedious painting process in order to pull off a weathered and rusty look. It will take a little planning on my part for this. Because of that, and the fact that I must work this weekend, I likely won't get any thing done until the beginning of next week. Bummer for sure considering the momentum I've built up with this. But there you have it!
Hope you're enjoying this so far, and thanks for reading!

Episode IX

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