Monday, March 18, 2013

What's Next?

It is a new week. The F-16 is finally finished, and St. Patty's Day is behind us. The only excuse I should have to slow me up for the next few weeks are the last two episodes of The Walking Dead on Sunday nights. But that still leaves me with 6 out of 7 days to get some modeling done.

So what is next? Well, judging by the photo to the left it'll be something different. Yes, a truck. A civilian 1941 Chevy Pickup Truck to be precise. I know, I is about as far away from my recent trend as I can get, and has absolutely nothing to do with combat. Well, calm down for a moment and let me explain. If you haven't heard already, Revell is partnering with David Stacey, host of GearZ Tv on the Speed Channel, to bring us the third annual GearZ/Revell Model Kit Championships. If you follow the link, you'll see more detail into the contest, the rules, and what kits are eligible for what particular category. One such category is Trucks, and since I happened to have this kit in my stash waiting around for a good excuse to build it, I figured I'd participate in this. If you're interested, you should too!

Now, I've only ever done one civilian vehicle prior to this, and that was Revell's '68 Pontiac Firebird pictured  here. To me, the only car or truck worth doing is one that has seen better days - a rust bucket, if you will. So, if you were hoping for a nice shiny show room finish, you will be sorely disappointed. If you're hoping for a truck that is about one racoon's fart away from falling to pieces, then it is you I aim to please.
I like recreating rust. It really adds character to a model, and I want to show you how I do it.

Either way, if you like civilian models or not, I hope you'll find it interesting to follow along as I wreck this '41 Pickup in the name of contest glory. If you care to join, I'd be more than happy for you to post pictures of your work on my Facebook page or share them with me on Twitter! My build starts tonight!

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