Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tutorial - Make Your Own Barbed Wire

For Yoda in the Hood I built a corrugated fence with barbed wire adorning the top. As it was one of my earliest posts, I hadn't thought to actually show you how I did it. It is quite a simple technique and pretty convincing even at such a small scale. It really adds a bit of ominous realism to any scene.
And here we go...

Step 1:
Lets talk about what you need. It isn't much - a pair of wire cutters and some wire. In my Yoda vignette, I used a thin copper wire that is better for small scale scenes but for the sake of this visual, I'll use a thicker gauge. Aside from what you see, you may want a pair of needle nose pliers for a later step...

Step 2:
Cut a length of wire, making sure it is long enough that, when you fold it in half, will reach your desired length...

Step 3:
Use that set of needle nose pliers that I mentioned to twist the wire into a tight spiral as you would see on the real thing. It really doesn't have to be perfect...

Step 4:
Take another long strand of wire and tightly wrap it twice (2x) around one end of your spiral cord. Make sure you have plenty of wire remaining to continue the process...

Step 5:
Bring the other end of the single wire up and wrap it twice around the spiraled wire keeping proper spaces for the barbs in mind...

Step 6:
With the same idea in mind, continue step 5 until you've created the desired amount of potential barbs, or until you've reached the end of your wire as I did here...
* It is very important that the wire is wound tightly around the main spiral strand, otherwise the barbs may slide out of place - now is a good time to ensure they are nice and secure*

Step 7:
Clearly you do not see any barbs yet, so we have to make some. Using those wire cutters, cut the loops to leave  just a hair of sharp wire to replicate the barbs...

And there you have it. The perfect compliment to any battlefield or junk yard scene! Paint it, then weather it with your preferred pigments, and you're good to go! Just watch your fingers...


  1. will be using this to protect my house, someone down my road got robbed via the brook behind our houses and our fence was bent back, footprints on the other side of it-Whoever laughs last laughs the loudest(longest?)

  2. This really helped me, thanks!!

  3. Luv yur art mate, really sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Very helpful information you have shared about barbed wire..Thanks for sharing such a informative post

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  6. very nice I have made barbed wire as well but I think that little extra step of actually making the sharp barbs is genius
    cheers John