Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Oscar Goes To - Episode V

Ah ha! Finally, I've reached the main point of what this project is all about. The Oscar. If you recall when I painted the Oscar originally, some time ago, I used a Sharpie to pre-shade the panel lines. It is a technique I don't recommend at all, less you want your model to look like mine did. Which I'm sure you don't.
Last night I was able to get some repainting done on the little airplane.
I started with the underside, first painting it all black, then highlighting each panel with white. Once that was finished, I went over the top of everything with a thinned coat of light gray...

I didn't intend on painting the top side as it wasn't completely ruined by my previous work. However, I experimented for a moment by shooting some thinned yellow at the panels of the Oscar, and I liked the way it changed the tone of the over all green appearance...

...giving it a worn and faded look.
Now I just need to touch up some over spray along the wheels, apply a gloss coat to seal everything in, and then a dull coat to tone it all down...oh, and reattach the port aileron.
After that, I figure out a way to mount it to the base and it will be done!
Thanks for following along!

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