Monday, March 4, 2013

The Oscar Goes To - Episode IV

Working on this project has given me the notion to take a long vacation somewhere tropical. I'm not sure why...
Perhaps its the palm trees or the warm Pacific waters I've been working on for the past couple of days. Like I said in the last episode, this has been a project full of firsts, and last night marked the first time I have used static grass as a component in a build. I know, right, I'm a bit behind in the times. For my first attempt, it was not bad but using grass is going to be an area that needs more practice before it becomes an element of my dioramas that I am truly happy with.

Let's take a look at what I've done.
I'm happy to report that the base is complete, allowing me to now focus on the main subject for this build - the Oscar. Last night, I painted the ground work with some artist oils, and covered the ground with a layer of static grass, applied by hand and stuck down with white glue...

The little rocky outcroppings are made from bits of dry wall, the same technique I used for Master of War - painted gray, then dry brushed with a lighter color. Vegetation was added to compliment the palm trees, and that completes the final look...

I'm actually pretty pleased with it, however, this is one of those occasions where it looks some what better in the pictures than it does in person, but I'll take it!
I hope you've enjoyed following along so far and intend to see the completed work! On to re-paint the Oscar!

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  1. I love the palm trees and your painting skills!
    In PerĂº, from Piura and going in direction to the South Pole, Pacific Ocean is freaking cold!

    1. Thank you again, Traveling Pics! I've never been that far south but being from the north west United States I can tell you that the Pacific gets pretty cold up there too!