Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Oscar Goes To - Episode III

This has been an interesting project so far (a totally unbiased opinion), and will be one of several firsts for me. I have never modeled an aircraft in flight, and I have never scratch built palm trees before. The success of both has yet to be seen. I've pretty well finished the palm trees though, so let's start there.
I've decided that trying to create realistic vegetation from scratch may be one of the more difficult tasks a modeler can undertake, next to recreating smoke. Though I'm happy with how they turned out for a first attempt, there is certainly room for improvement. Time for a look see...

The fronds were repainted and highlighted with yellow/green while the trunk was painted brown with several increasingly lightened layers of dry brushing to bring out the texture. Both trees got this treatment (or tree-tment, if you're into puns) There are a few finishing touches left to complete but for the most part its done.

Moving on at this point, I need some where to put the trees. I plan of having my Oscar flying low over a tropical shoreline somewhere in the Pacific. So I've taken another peanut butter jar lid to use as the base and covered it with some thin matte board used for framing a picture. I painted it with artist oils to represent a tropical beach as best I could...

...add a little bit of Realistic Water from Woodland Scenics and it gives it, at the very least, a shiny surface...whether it looks like water is in the eye of the beholder...

I apologize for the dark pictures...eventually I aim to get a better photography set up, but for now, it is what it is.
Add a little Celluclay to make some land and a foundation for the palm trees and you get this...

Now you're all caught up on my progress. From here, its time to paint the ground work and plant the trees. Then we'll get into fixing the Oscar with a fresh coat of paint.
Until then!

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