Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sweet 16 - Finished!

All I can say is - finally! This has been a marathon build, though admittedly I got a bit distracted for a week or two with the Oscar project I finished recently. But seriously, over two months to finish? That is horrendous. Shameful really. But enough chiding myself for lack of productivity, lets get on with it!

The decals were finally placed and sealed with a nice gloss coat of Future floor polish. Lastly, I loaded the F-16 with her bombs, missiles and fuel pods, and she's ready to go...

Representing Misawa AB in Japan...

Do you like the little base? If so, look for the tutorial tomorrow and I'll show you how I made it.

Otherwise, that is it. The second model of 2013 is finished. Took me a while, but I guess slow and steady wins the race...Well, almost finished. I'm going to do an epilogue for this kit because I need to make some FOD covers for the intake and engine, as well as the various RBF tags that hang all over this little fighter when it sits idle. But, yeah, other than that, it is done.
Until next time! Thanks for reading.

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