The Oscar Goes To - Episode II

On the previous episode, I began scratch building palm trees using sprue, and terrarium leaves you can purchase at a local pet shop, assuming they sell reptiles. At the end of my last post, I had finished one measly leaf. That evening's lack of production had me a bit scared that this project would take me longer than I expected. (Don't they always?) However, last night I put out a strong effort, poured my heart and soul into it, and finished the trees. Well, minus the paint. Now, without further ado...

Since I only wanted to be at this for no more than a week, I subtracted the number of trees I would be making by two, leaving me with two total. For such a small base as it will be, four trees might have been too crowded a scene any way. With one leaf made, I figured I'd make about fourteen or so leaves. The end total? Twelve.

I can live with that. The larger tree would contain seven leaves, while the shorter one would have five. Once each leaf was sliced precisely, and the copper wire glued on to form a spine, I attached them to the trunks...

Its starting to look more and more like a little tree, eh? The copper wire allows me to bend the leaves, and position them as I see fit. Now I needed to clean up the top of the tree, where the leaves attach because it is a bit ugly there. So, I got out my pencil and gave it a good sharpening. Why? Because these neat little shavings can be used on the tree like so...

It sort of replicates the fibrous texture of the tree along the roots of the fronds...sort of. But I am happy with it, and hopefully when its painted it will all blend nicely together.
That concludes this little tree making tutorial, and I hope to return tonight to paint them. Keep an eye out for the next update!
Thanks for reading!

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