Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Modeler's Worst Nightmare

I'm not really a golf fan, but I've been known to dabble. My average score for a round of 18 holes looks more like a one-sided basketball game, and I spend more time looking for my ball than I spend more time looking for my ball than the crew of Monster Quest spends looking for Sasquatch. Never the less, it is a relaxing game to play, and there is an odd occasion when I'll catch a glimpse of golf on the television. Whilst doing so, I happened to see one of the latest commercials for the PGA Tour, and was left feeling rather sick to my stomach. The commercial is below, but I warn you, if may be hard to watch...

Then I got to thinking, what if this ever happened to me? The gentleman in the commercial takes it surprisingly well. Can't say that I'd do the same. I have three raving lunatic children in my house that would like nothing better than to get their little cheese-puff stained fingers all over my planes, tanks, and automobiles. For all the love that I have for my children, divine intervention is the only means of hope they would have for not incurring my wrath if they so destroyed one of my models.
All kidding aside, just imagine if a complete stranger walked in and ingloriously clubbed your newly finished project to death, right in front of you, with no remorse. Then strode off without so much as a second thought. If the first words out of your mouth aren't "you're going to jail now" followed by a brutal smack down, then you're a better man than I am, Gunga Din.
Fortunately, this scenario is particularly unlikely, and my models tend to stay way out of reach of my nosey little offspring. I've been modeling for roughly ten years and I can say that the worst thing that has happened to one of my models is when my Revell Huey Hog fell from the ceiling it was hanging from, meeting its grizzly fate after a tough impact with the floor.

What is the worst thing that has ever happened to one of your models?


  1. The worst thing ever to happen to my models was when emptying out a closet, preparing for a move.
    While picking up a load of heavy books from the topmost shelf, the shelf itself fell down on top of everything on the shelf below it, among those a Kamov Ka-50, with a very nice handpainted camouflage-scheme, and a lunar lander module, with actual goldleaf-plated landing gear. Both were crushed beyond all repair.
    They are the only 2 models I no longer have from everything I ever build.

    1. Oh man, sorry to hear that! Can't even imagine...fortunately I haven't encountered a situation that bad, though I did have a Huey crash from the ceiling. But that is as bad as it gets.