Monday, March 25, 2013

Latest Additions to the Stash

We as modelers tend to have a bit of a problem with hording. Many of us spend a great deal of money building a stash of models that we couldn't hope to complete if we were to live for another hundred years. Dare I say, part of the thrill of the hobby is simply making that next purchase, or in this case, receiving that next gift.
Turning another year older generally increases the inventory by several kits, and this year was no different. Of course, the same can be said of Christmas, Valentines Day, Father's Day, and Cinco de Mayo. But the most recent haul has seen the addition of two classic Revell kits: the P-40B Tiger Shark and the USS Missouri.
I had built the P-40 a long time ago as I was getting back into the hobby. Its a great little kit that I'm glad I get a second go at. As for the battleship, well, I'm not much of a naval person but it will join the USS Hornet as the second ship in my stash's fleet.
I'm always excited to receive more kits and fantasize about how I will build and paint them. I won't share any of those fantasies with you, they're private...But I will now have to find some where to put them as the cabinets that so neatly tuck away my kits is full. But, if you're anything like me, than you will agree that that is a good problem to have...
Happy modeling!

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