Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ashes to Ashes, Rust to Rust - Episode V

Seat Back Redo!

So here we are again. When last I left you, I had a small debate on my hands, wondering if I shouldn't change the appearance of the seat back that I made the night before. If you recall, I thought the cushion springs might have appeared too large in scale, and to be honest, I didn't like the mesh I put behind it either. Here is the original from two nights ago...

Just doesn't quite make me happy. I don't like fudging things for the sake of a speedy finish. So last night I set about redoing the seat back to more closely match the reference photo I included in Episode IV. I began by cutting a way a larger chunk of seat on the driver's side. Seeing as how the door on that side will be open, it would make sense that the majority of the seat there would have rotted away. 
Then I took the same wire I had used for the original spring coils, but left the insulation on, and created the frame work...

This is how it appears from the back...

Then I cut some strips from a playing card and glued them to the frame as support struts. Thinner coils were made from copper wire and super glued to the struts...

Then more wire was used to tie them all together, so to speak. I'm not really sure of the mechanics of a vehicle's chair, so I went with what I interpreted, and what looks good to me...

So there you have it. A corrected chair cushion. Looks a bit raw at the moment, but I'll clean it up and paint it. I'll also add some tissue to give it a more fabric-like appearance.
Thanks for reading!

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