Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ashes to Ashes, Rust to Rust - Episode I

Work has now begun on Revell's pickup truck, and I'm hoping I can get it done in time for the contest. But before I get into the details of what I've accomplished so far, lets take a look at the kit.

Revell allows for two marking options: one for the Slammin' Hammer, a stylish custom version; and one for a stock version sporting commercial logos of one Plum Lake Mill. I will be opting for the stock version.

The decals are pretty much what you would expect of a vehicle kit...stencils, license plates, etc. The sheet even comes with decals for the wood paneling of the truck bed. I don't intend on using those and the kit part for the bed has molded wood grain detail. Plus, if I'm feeling up to it, I may scratch build the bed...we'll see.

The kit comes with six sprues in white plastic. Another two sprues contain the chrome plated pieces, the majority of which I will ignore. There is a clear sprue for the windscreens, and a tiny red one for the tail light. The tires are rubber and come in two sets depending on the version you are building. Finally, the cab and the hood come as separate pieces...

Speaking of the cab, it is a single piece that hopefully won't give me too much trouble to work with...

I intend on opening one of the two doors, so it should be interesting to work that out.
So that is your look inside this kit. I have since washed the sprues to ensure all the mold release is not present to hinder future painting. I've also completed the engine block, but that is a post for later on! Patience!
In the mean time, start thinking about what kit you're going to buy and join in on this Revell sponsored contest...

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