Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sweet 16 - Episode X

Well, this project is dragging on longer than I would like, however, thanks to a marathon paint session the other night, I'm closing in on the finish line. Using the same painting technique as was used to finish the F-16's underside, I completed the rest of the Falcon.
I use Tamiya Acrylics when airbrushing but as I've mentioned before, I'm not a stickler for absolute color correctness. So, I took some neutral gray and mixed in a few drops of navy blue in the color cup. Looks about right to me.

If that gray looks a bit light to you, don't worry. After a gloss coat of Future that I brushed on by hand, the colors darken a bit...

I'm going to be keeping the canopy closed and will be modeling the F-16 with all it's protective covers installed. In the cockpit, I've recreated several Remove Before Flight streamers using masking tape that I painted red.

Now then, if you attempt to make your own RBF streamers, there is no need to go all accuracy crazy. They can be any shade of red or orange...even a little pink. They are left outside at the mercy of the sun and elements. They fade, and they fray, and are roughly handled by crew chiefs and weapons crews alike.
Hope you're digging it so far. It's almost done and I should think it'll be finished by this week.
Thanks for reading!

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