Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Some Like it Hoth - Finished!

The Battle of Hoth scenes have always been my favorite sequences in the Star Wars saga. Though Empire Strikes Back is not on the top of my list for favorite episode, I was always fascinated by the little snowspeeder's struggle against the imposing Imperial Walker. 
Since I created a scene for the AT-AT already as my very first post, I figured it made sense to compliment it from the Rebel point of view. These things, as you can see, are fairly easy to make assuming you have some Micro Machines left over, like I do. And they don't take very long to make. 
I won't waste any more time with small talk, so why don't we have a look see...

The base of celluclay was finished with a layer of white acrylic artist paints to look like snow. Then I created some rock outcroppings by dry brushing some areas with gray and black. To finish the scene, a length of clear sprue stuck to the base holds up the snowspeeder giving it that "in flight" look...

There you have it. A quick and easy project, not to mention cheap. It built up nicely into a fine representation of one of the best movie battles ever made. Makes for a nice display to set on my desk at work.
Thanks for looking, and feel free to comment!

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