Friday, February 1, 2013

Some Like it Hoth - Episode I

So, this week I have been working long hours on base. Because I have to wake up so early this week, I've been the responsible one by going to bed at a reasonable hour. The problem with this is that it cuts into my already scarce workshop time! Thus, the F-16 has taken a set back, waiting for enough time for me to be able to devote to painting it. To top off this bad news, it was snowing today, and I was out in it.

Being such a Star Wars fan, whenever there is snow mixed with high winds and low visibility, I can't help but think about Empire Strikes Back. If I am forced to venture out into the storm I often say to myself, "your tauntaun will freeze before you reach the first marker!"
So, today, though my cause was not nearly as noble as Han's was, I never the less found myself out there freezing my, er, tauntauns off. In doing so, I thought of a quick project to complete for this week while the F-16 waits. I prefer being hot to cold, but when it comes to snow, I like it Hoth.

The notion of this project is similar to the Mirco AT-AT I did a few months ago. This is a quick, and cheap project that will keep my motivation sharp while I work this week away. Its always nice to have a little project when you can't get any major modeling time in. And this fits the bill.
Similar to the AT-AT creation, this is not so much modeling as it is just ground work coming together for a small display.

All I'm using here are another Micro Machine, this time a Snow Speeder, a spare Rebel laser turret, and a peanut butter jar lid for a base.
The laser turret came as one of a pair included in the old AMT/ERTL AT-AT Walker kit. It comes in four parts (three pictured below) - the turret halves, barrel, and tower.

There is no detail on it, so I'll aim to change that. First, I've started with the barrel as it was not quite to my liking. I've bulked it up a bit with some sprue from my spares box.

Much better.
Well, that is all the time I have for now. Duty calls. I hope you'll stick around to see this through.

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