Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Model Junkie...

The first step to solving a problem is to admit that you have one, or so I've heard any way. Though I'm not willing to go that far yet, the notion of perhaps having a bit of an obsession with modeling was introduced to me by my wife the other day.

It started as just a normal visit to the doctor. My daughter was sick, so we packed her up and headed to the appointment early in the day. The odd thing about having an appointment with the doctor is that no matter what time you are suppose to be there, you can generally count on not being seen for another hour and a half after that. Since time tends to slow down in the waiting room, my mind tends to wander in a desperate search for entertainment, because thinking about what sort of horrible disease the person sitting next to you is likely going to infect you with gets tiresome, and worrisome, no less.
The nurse finally invited us to follow her to the exam room, where we were confined for another length of time. Good thing the medical professionals don't rely on tips for expedient service. As I struggled to find something to pass the time with, I noticed a container on the counter that was full of tongue depressors. Now, every modeler knows that those little wooden sticks can be used for any number of things (namely wood - duh!), and I went through an inventory in my head and realized I didn't have nearly enough of them in my supply. After procuring one or two of them, I sat back down. It was then that my wife said, shocked, "do you ever not think about modeling?"
I was flabbergasted! As a matter of fact, I was more pleased that she had recognized their intended use, than I was insulted by her interrogative. I replied with a sheepish grin to which she said, "You have a problem."

I admit, quite often my thoughts at any given moment will surround some aspect of this hobby. And how can they not? The essence of modeling is recreating realism, so I have to take note of my surroundings and how to apply them to scale. Its just what I do. The fact that I live in two worlds - this one, and one in miniature - means that I'm always striving to make that little world more realistic. My eye constantly probes for resources to validate my ideas and techniques to make my miniature world match the real world as closely as possible.
If it means snagging a few tongue depressors, so be it. Maybe I do it too much?

In thinking about it further, how often does "last night's" model session weigh on your thoughts the next day? Perhaps you're really happy with what you've accomplished so far, that all you want to do is get back to the bench. Or maybe the kit is particularly difficult, or a problem has arisen, and all you want to do is figure out how to correct the issue. If you're anything like me, than it is these thoughts that occupy your brain throughout the day.
Moreover, I also have to acknowledge my growing focus on this blog, as well as the stash of kits that is starting to outgrow my capacity to store them. My desire for this hobby has expanded beyond the workbench, to take up space, both in cabinetry as well as in the cyber-sphere. So, I am beginning to see where she is coming from.

As I see it, it'll only get worse from here. I'm in too deep now, and I am far too mediocre a modeler to know all the tricks, and to have perfected all the techniques. Meaning for quite a while there will be enough models and dioramas on my workbench awaiting the solution to that day's problem which in some cases will be remedied by more trips to the doctor's office...