Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tamiya Releasing Updated USS Missouri

The battleship was an iconic war machine. Its prominent place in military and naval history secured by it's actions in World War II. Despite its successes in the second world war, many pundits believed the battleship had seen its last conflict. With the rise of aircraft carriers and the dominance of air power displayed so greatly in that war, the battleship was seen as obsolete. Never the less, each Iowa class battleship born out of World War II would see action in Korea, and several of them would assist military operations well into the latter stages of the 20th century.
One of these such battleships was the USS Missouri. Earning 11 battle stars in her career, she saw action in World War II and Korea before being decommissioned. However, like her sister ships, she would be recommissioned in the 1980's to counteract the threat of a growing Soviet navy. Fitted with new electronics and upgraded weapons, such as the Tomahawk cruise missile and Harpoon anti-ship missile, the Missouri would again find herself off foreign shores. In the Persian Gulf the Missouri fired some 28 cruise missiles at Iraqi targets and shelled Iraqi positions with her massive 16 inch guns, marking the first time they had been fired in combat since 1953. This video will give you a nice look at the power of those deck guns...

My wife and I on the deck of the USS Wisconsin in Norfolk,

Soon after completing her tour, the Missouri was struck from the Naval Vessel Register in 1995, and since 1998 sits as a floating museum in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
Though I've not been able to visit the USS Missouri, I was fortunate to have stood on the decks of her sister, the Wisconsin. They are imposing ships that represent the might of the US Navy.

Tamiya has continued the legend of "Mighty Mo" by updating the kit to represent her as the ship would have appeared in 1991 in the Middle East. Some newly tooled parts include the bridge area, Tomahawk launcher deck, aft bridge deck, funnel, aft funnel mast, dome-shaped radar, No.1 turret ventilator, Mk.37 gun director, deck ventilator, and RQ-2 Pioneer. The 12.7cm guns are highly detailed, along with the Mk.38 Gun Fire Control System, and Mk.13 Fire Control Radar. Both plastic and photo-etched parts are included for more detailed representation of the AA radar, surface search radar, and discone-cage antenna.

At 1/350 scale, the Missouri comes in at a length of 774mm, with a 94.5mm beam, and a height of 182mm.
She will be released soon, probably February and will retail for $163.00.


  1. I'd love to see a 1/200 Mighty Mo in a kit.

  2. The question then is, which version? Either way, I wouldn't have a shelf big enough for a ship that size!

  3. make it where it can drive and swim and shoot bullets