Monday, January 21, 2013

Sweet 16 - Episode VII

Landing Gear Detail

 The F-16 is coming together at a steady pace now. There was only a little bit more detail to add prior to letting the paint fly.

If you'll recall in Episode IV, I mentioned that I would be adding some of the hydraulic lines to spruce up the wheel wells. The F-16's landing gear bays are chocked full of stuff that I find it quite a wonder that any thing fits in there at all. I didn't find it necessary to replicate all the plumbing that is present on the real aircraft, but I felt the need to create at least a little bit more visual interest. This was done with a little bit of copper wire and super glue.

The copper wire does a fine job at 1:72 scale representing brake lines and other assorted hoses and cables.

Simple enough, really. A little patience is necessary, as bending and fitting the wire can be a pain. However, I think the end results fits my purposes. Now, the only glue left will be used to attach the bombs and stores to the hard points after painting. 
Thanks for reading! When you read the next episode, there will be paint!

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