Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sweet 16 - Episode IV

So a little more progress has been made on the F-16. One thing about modeling is that it can be very tedious. Combine that with having a busy work day, coming home to three crazy kids, and having only about two to three hours of dedicated hobby time available means it can take a little while to finish a model! By my standards this is actually going pretty fast.
In this episode, I was able to finish up the main components of the landing gear and gear wells. Though there is still much scratch work to be done, like the addition of hydraulic lines and other cables, primary construction is complete.
Let me start off by saying that there were a lot of very tiny pieces that go into the gear assembly. With so many fiddly bits in this scale I was surprised the carpet monster didn't pay me another visit. Perhaps it is still digesting the parts from last week...
Any how, the pics are simple but show the nice detail of the kit...

Well, you can see that they included quite a bit of detail...I wasn't lying. The only trouble I had was with the doors - it was difficult to align them and get one side to look symmetrical to the other. Took a bit of finagling but finally worked out.
However, a real F-16's landing gear bays are chock full of conduits, hydraulic lines, and various other plumbing as you can see...

...mmm, so my work is cut out for me. I intend on finishing up the major construction points on the model so detailing the wheel wells is for another episode!
Thanks for reading.

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