Monday, January 21, 2013

Fend Off Zombies With Dark World Creations

I'm a huge zombie movie fan. I'm counting down the days before I can sit in front of my television and let the world of The Walking Dead consume an hour of my life every Sunday for the next several weeks. Never mind the Super Bowl, bring on the undead!
Every one should have their own plan for surviving the impending zombie apocalypse. Mine will involve lots of guns to clear any path I need through the hordes of my decayed, flesh eating neighbors. Do I need more specifics? No. I believe when it comes to zombies, the answer is peace through superior fire power, and since I haven't seen a zombie successfully use a weapon the odds are currently in my favor.

However, since no plan ever survives first contact with the enemy, I'll be needing a ride for a quick ex-filtration should things get dicey! If you've seen enough zombie movies than you'll know you need an up-armored vehicle to cruise around town in. Just look at the clever rides they used in Zombieland - a Cadillac Escalade with a bulldozer blade attached to the front, and a Hummer H2. Both large vehicles that can take a lot of frontal impact from unwary, undead pedestrians. If those aren't your style, than you could always modify a school bus like they did in the Dawn of the Dead remake. Me? With a wife and three kids in the house, I've already got the coolest zombie killing machine possible...a minvan. A few machine guns in the side doors and its game over zombies...

A little Pat Boone in the back ground and its a recipe for zombie domination! Get some!

Maybe I'm getting a little carried away...however, if planning for the zombie apocalypse isn't your thing, perhaps recreating it in scale is. Fortunately, for me, I like to do both!

That is where the good folks over at Dark World Creations come in. has a line of zombie figures and vehicle accessories to assist us modelers in depicting the "daily struggle to survive" in a zombie-ridden world. The vehicle accessories are 1/24 scale and would likely go well with any assortment of car kits on the market.

But what catches my eye are the two upgrade kits for Revell's Ford F1 Pickup and the Shelby GT350. Though not exactly my first choice for battling zombies, they look pretty nasty with the resin add-ons.
Each vehicle comes with its own set of zombie killing accessories, like machine guns, ammo crates, roof racks, the necessary survival provisions, photo etch mesh for the windows, and more.

However, killing zombies in style isn't cheap. The vehicle is not included with these kits, but the upgrades will still run you about $70-90, depending on your vehicle of choice.

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