Thursday, January 24, 2013

Model Maniacs - Popsicle Stick AT-ST

If you'll remember, back in December of 2012, I did an article on how diverse the hobby of scale modeling can be. Prior to starting this blog, I never put much thought into all the clever ways a person can build a model, and all the resources they can use to do it. So, I think I'll start a new monthly article called Model Maniacs, covering the works of talented modelers who think outside of the pun intended.

I bumped into this month's highlight while perusing a website called Instructables. Basically, it allows people to share step-by-step instructions of how they created something, from new shelving units to black light Nerf guns. Or in this case, AT-ST's made out of Popsicle sticks. Kind of the Pinterest for the do-it-yourself crowd.

The artist, who goes by the handle Popsicle_mini-models, gives you complete instructions on how to create the little Scout Walkers you see there. This would make for a great craft to do with your kids, assuming they have the attention span long enough to let the glue dry.
This is not the only model he builds with Popsicles. He also shows you how to build a clever little UFO Interceptor and Star Wars Y-Wing. I get the feeling he will have more to follow.

To check out the full breadth of his work, visit and if you've got the time, eat those Popsicles you've been saving for summer and get to work!


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    1. Isn't it though? Some well thought out work. I'm almost tempted to give it a shot.
      Thanks for commenting!