Wednesday, January 2, 2013

And Now For Something Completely Different...

The year 2013 has arrived and I am prepared to take it by storm. I have projects lined up, deadlines to reach, and expectations to surpass. Also, with NJ IPMS finally announcing MosquitoCon 22 I have contests to enter.
Since I work on such a tight budget, the majority of my stash is built upon through gifts on my birthday and Christmas. This holiday season was no different and saw the addition of five new model kits and nine action figures to my now crowded cabinet. One such model was given to me by my father - Academy's 1:72 scale F-16CG/CJ Fighting Falcon. This model is a perfect fit for me in more ways than one. First, it is just the right size to fit my preferences and my shelf. Second, the Falcon has a soft place in my heart as it is the beautiful jet I service when on duty for the Air National Guard here in New Jersey.

I graduated Air Force tech school at Sheppard AFB this past summer after spending six long months learning how to safely work on and around an F-16C. Along with me graduated ten other guys who I had become great friends with and we still keep in touch. So, I've decided to take a brief pause from the large scale action figure dioramas I have been doing of late, and my first build for 2013 will be a tribute to my friends, these brothers in arms, who are now spread across the country, and the globe.

Lets take a look at the kit, shall we?

The kit is molded in gray plastic, and for 1:72 scale contains a fair amount of detail. I appreciate the engraved panel lines, and detailed stores and weapons. As long as every thing fits alright I'm sure this will be a great kit to finish. But according to this review, I shouldn't have anything to worry about.

The kit comes with two small sprues for the clear parts. In this case, the canopy is tinted which is a nice touch but, indeed, would present a problem for some one who does not want to use a tinted canopy. Luckily for me, I do not care!

The instructions come with a separate sheet for the marking and painting guide which gives me the option to create an F-16 from one of five different air bases - Kunsan, South Korea; Misawa, Japan; Osan, South Korea; Shaw AFB, South Carolina; or Spangdalem, Germany. Since several of my classmates are stationed in either Misawa or Shaw I will be choosing one of those planes. I just haven't decided which yet.

And of course, all this talk of markings would be pointless without the decal sheet.

Well, you now have a brief overview of where my time will be spent for the next several weeks. I have a feeling this will be a very enjoyable build. It is always nice when you can connect with your hobby on a personal level. I hope you will follow along as I take you on a completely different course than I have been of late. And to class 12022F, here is to you! I wish you all a safe 2013.

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