Thursday, December 27, 2012

Meng Model's AMX-30 Main Battle Tank

Meng Model has released another addition to its series of unique armor subjects in 1/35 scale - the French AMX-30B Main Battle Tank. It is a fine looking tank that hasn't saturated the market in scale, and resembles a mix between a Leopard and an M-60, which is no surprise since it was preceded by the M-47 Patton.

The Kit:
There are plenty of moving parts on the completed model - both the main gun and the 20mm cannon are able to elevate independently; the commander's cupola will rotate 360 degrees; the running gear, torsion bar, and shock absorbers can all be articulated, along with the workable tracks, to provide plenty of options for modelers who would prefer to display this monster on a finished base or a diorama. The kit even includes an elaborate little tool to assist in the assembly of the tracks, and allows the included photo-etched parts to be bent to the exact shape - a priceless little addition if you ask me.

The majority of the kit is molded in green plastic, but there are also brown sprues, as well as clear parts. Decals and two color options are also available.
For more details and photos visit Meng Model.

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