Sunday, December 23, 2012

Master of War - Part V: Ground Work

This project is nearing an end with one of the final steps being the ground work for the diorama. This is a fairly small base so finding a way to creatively place two larger figures on it where it wouldn't look terribly crowded was a small challenge. If I couldn't expand outward, I would have to utilize more elevation. If I was to add ground upward, I would need a frame to contain it all.
Doing so was fairly simple. I cut out two retaining walls from picture frame matte material and glued them to the base.

 This way I could easily build upward without it spilling over the sides. Once the walls were up, I had to figure out the correct placement of the Zealot. After he found a comfortable position, crumpled up tissue paper filled the gaps around him, building up the retaining walls. All of this would be a filler to support the celluclay that I would lay down on top of it.

Blue painters tape was used to secure the tissue
paper and seal it from the moisture present in the celluclay that would soon be applied. It also gave me a nice visual as to how the finished product would look.

Making this base was simple. The wood plaque was purchased for only around $3.00 from Michael's Arts and Crafts. To create the rubble effect, I would use a celluclay base, mixed with white glue, some gray acrylic paint, and cat litter. On top of that I used some crumbled dry wall for the larger chunks of rock and stone, and compliment that with some pieces from an old resin church kit I purchased a long time ago.

The finished product produces a convincing look of rubble. I wanted to portray the Zealot as the defeated opponent, which will soon be clear once Master Chief takes his place. Before that can happen though, I need to finish painting the ground work. After giving it a day or so to dry, it will be ready to accept some paint. I hope you are enjoying this so far! Stay tuned for part VI, the final product!

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