Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Master of War - Part IV: Painting Elite Zealot

Welcome to part IV of this project. Its coming to a close very quickly. In tonight's installment, I have completed painting the monstrous Elite Zealot. Much like his adversary, the Master Chief, this Zealot is an incredibly detailed representation, and he was fun to paint.

I started again with a flat base coat of grays for his skin and brown for his armor. I used the tried and true acrylic paints from Vallejo that brush paint beautifully onto most surfaces. This time I was not concerned with applying a wash as I felt his skin and armor bore grooves that were deep enough to provide enough shadow naturally, and applying a wash might have been too stark a contrast. So once the base was down, I dry brushed lighter browns and grays across the grotesque alien.

Once I was satisfied, I added some saliva by applying some hot glue, which I thought came out pretty well but didn't photograph as well as I would have liked. But it adds a nice alien-esque touch, and my wife was creeped out so that was a plus as well.

Then I detailed his helmet for good measure.

 Beyond that, there wasn't much else I needed to do. I feel like the dry brushing really added some great texture to his skin and armor, and the drool gave him a bit more realism.
Next up will be the ground work and then final assembly! Hope you're as excited to see the finished product as I am.
Thanks for reading!

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