Saturday, December 29, 2012

Master of War - Finished!

At last, Master of War has been completed. For such a small vignette I am surprised it took me nearly a month to complete. Of course, with a wife and three kids, attempting to model during the busy Christmas season can be an exercise in futility. An hour or two of modeling here or there is all I can expect.

Any how, if you're just joining me, this is a vignette using two action figures from the popular Halo 4 video game for XBox 360. The two main characters you see are a vanquished Elite Zealot, and the ever victorious John-117, better known as Master Chief.
I decided to call this piece Master of War because of the word play associated with John-117's rank, as well as the fact that the Master Chief is truly unbeatable.
After undergoing Spartan II augmentation procedures under the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command, his reflexes were faster, his strength was greater, eyesight enhanced, and his bones nearly unbreakable. Since then, he has survived the battles and hardships of nearly thirty years of active duty service, becoming a hero of the UNSC during the Human-Covenant War, and is one of the most decorated warriors of the United Nations Space Command. He is a salty old, die-hard Marine.

Enough said. Here are the final pictures. What I've tried to depict is the Zealot in his final moments. The world has crashed down around him, enveloping him in rubble. Such a large and dominate figure is the Zealot that he must be thinking how could this happen? When through the dust and smoke emerges Master Chief. Standing tall and unshaken, looking down on his defeated opponent. The Zealot can do nothing but grope in defiance, and look upon the masked figure of John-117, the last thing he will ever see.....

And with that I leave you with the theme song for this build.....


  1. Nice choice of music :) This is pretty awesome, ever think about trying any Fallout figures? Your ground work is definitely up to par for a good "wasteland" scene.

  2. Thanks Michael! Thanks for the suggestion for the Fallout figures. I don't have any on hand at the moment but they would make for some brilliant dioramas. I've got some Star Wars dioramas comin up then we'll see!