Tuesday, November 13, 2012

An Empire State...Imperial Walker Vignette

If you're anything like me than you've often spent some quality thinking time wondering what it would look like if the Empire unleashed its might upon the city of New York, or any other modern day urban center. The movie Empire Strikes Back gave us only a small taste of the devastation several Imperial Walkers can dish out, even on a barren waste land such as Hoth. As that battle is my favorite sequence of Episode V, it left me wanting more. Perhaps being such a fan of the venerable AT-AT had a little something to do with this being my first post (and perhaps second *spoiler alert*)
The main character in this little vignette stands barely an inch tall. Its a Micro Machine that was mine as a kid that I have now repurposed. I had a vast collection of Star Wars and military Micro Machines that at one point I may have ranked in the top five largest army in the world, right behind This Guy... All kidding aside, this was a fun project, no matter how tiny. The ruined buildings came from an old Godzilla kit from Aurora. The ground work is all scratch built from a useful item called Celluclay - basically paper mache - and cat litter. Yes, cat litter...makes for good rubble.

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